AI- Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is still a voyage of discovery. Data Science delivers meaningful results using :
– trends fitting,correlations, covariances
– clustering
– analysis
– future trends predictions
Data Science means better decisions, better results.

Data Science profitable business uses may include the following examples :
Ecommerce: Creation of recommendation systems based on website user data:
– Clients who bought this item also bought …
– Similar songs ….
– People also viewed …..
Route Planning and Logistics data support
– optimization of shipping routes
– optimization of best delivery timing
– capacity planning and load forecasting
Sentiment Analysis (Opinion Mining)
– understanding customer satisfaction from Twitter, Facebook text recognition
– trend tracking monitoring of marketing activity impact on brand perception
Lending Institutions
– credit scoring
– customer clustering
– more accurate pricing
– fraud prevention and detection
Customer Management
– better customer segmentation and product customization
– churn rate minimization
– efficient marketing campaigns
– development of tailored niche offerings
– call center message optimization and workload management
– product mix optimization
– reactivation likelihood management
– prioritization of lead
– demand forecasting
cross-selling, upselling
– channel optimization
Human Resources
– Resume Screening
– Employee Churn optimization
– Recommendations for Training
Preventive Maintenance
– Breakdown analysis and preciction
– optimizations of maintenance schedules
Public Transport
– analysis and forecast of delays
– optimization of delys
– customer satisfaction survey
– network planning and optimization



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