adversarial examples – Tesla tricked to change lanes in broad daylight

Tiny red stickers allegedly can be used to confuse Tesla’s understanding of road markings. As a result this group claims to be able to make Tesla change lanes in broad daylight no snow or rain needed.

If autonomous cars are really smart , they ‘ll keep moving to slash parking costs

If autonomous cars are really smart , they 'll keep moving  to slash parking costs
Well Given very low costs per mile driven and high parking fees this seems to be the optimum right? To add insult to injury, it makes perfect sense to cruise at nearly zero speed, to expend least amount of energy. So, how do you like the idea of cities crowded with autonomous cars driving around ...

Geospatial EMobility Dataset Visualization

This is a visual representation a transport dataset, renderning of a daily aggregate of hopes, chores, excitements, anxieties and nuisances, being on time, too late or too early :). Group of users of one of my clients. enjoy !

Data mining shows war is part of civilization

Recent study shows that war appears to be our way of dealing with problems: Given the fact, that AI and ML will also change warfare, the next conflict will certainly be very different from previous ones. in fact, artificial intellingence was a military technology (think fire and forget missiles using image recognition as an ...

Christmas Heatmap Chart

Christmas Heatmap Chart

Growth forecast for car-sharing market in Europe by Deloitte

Growth forecast for car-sharing market in Europe  by Deloitte
source:Car Sharing in Europe, Business Models, National Variations and Upcoming Disruptions, Deloitte

Autonomous ferry – a modern incarnation of ghost ship powered by AI

This has been coming – crewless vessels powered by Artificial Intelligence. This is just the beginning. Adopting this technology to a ferry is actually quite a  clever way to test it and “build signatures database”. It is also a trove of sensor and IOT data as well. So, next, prepare for  the 21st century  Mary ...

Amazon gives up AI recruitment tool – it disliked women

I would love to have a look inside their model to see how it was set-up. Apparently the rating tool was not appreciating women. Simple classification, clustering task. Decision Trees? Neural Networks? Too simple or too complicated? Probably they would never disclose the details. YAFU.

AI Rise of The Machines

Here’s first of cartoons about AI that I am going to collect on that site

bizzare insights into Data Science

bizzare insights into Data Science
Here are my favourite topics- things we would not know if not the Data Science: Typing with proper capitalization indicates creditworthiness. Smart people like curly fries. Female-named hurricanes are more deadly. .. and the like
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