Prime numbers not randomly generated? If Mr Atiyah is right this is the end of cryptography and IT security as we know it

I Love You. Over 10% of Gmail replies comes from Smart Reply

As you may have read here: Google’s AI tool scans emails, headers, responses and the like to pursue ideally tailored responses custom generated for you. At Tbe begenning, the favourite ones though were: “I Love you” , ‘Sent from my IPhone”.  Possibly neural network output. Isn’t that predictably cool coincidence?

90% of data worldwide have been created recently

According to research here, 90% of all existing data has been created recently. Just imagine that 90% of your emails ever sent have been written recently. No? Clearly these data do not come from emails. They have not been generated by humans directly. This is where Big Data comes into play

Darpa will invest 2 bln in Artificial Intelligence

The AI market size ( a.k.a the size of the pie) just got bigger: This is good news for all the community.

Putin: AI will rule the World So? What have YOU done recently to improve your AI ?  

Communicators Security Issues Summary

Source Enjoy your WhatsUp 🙂

Amazon’s Facial Recognition Wrongly Identifies 28 Lawmakers, A.C.L.U. Says

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