Geospatial EMobility Dataset Visualization

This is a visual representation a transport dataset, renderning of a daily aggregate of hopes, chores, excitements, anxieties and nuisances, being on time, too late or too early :). Group of users of one of my clients. enjoy !

Data mining shows war is part of civilization

Recent study shows that war appears to be our way of dealing with problems: Given the fact, that AI and ML will also change warfare, the next conflict will certainly be very different from previous ones. in fact, artificial intellingence was a military technology (think fire and forget missiles using image recognition as an ...

Autonomous ferry – a modern incarnation of ghost ship powered by AI

This has been coming – crewless vessels powered by Artificial Intelligence. This is just the beginning. Adopting this technology to a ferry is actually quite a  clever way to test it and “build signatures database”. It is also a trove of sensor and IOT data as well. So, next, prepare for  the 21st century  Mary ...
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